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2017 Young Perspective on THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT at The Pleasance Beyond, Edinburgh Fringe:

"High quality acting.. Stuart Walker's heart-wrenchingly empathetic Judas"


2014 The New Current on MISALLIANCE at The Tabard Theatre:

"Walker shines as the put-upon son"


2014 Teaching Drama Magazine on WOYZECK, UK Tour (co-directed by Stuart Walker):

"of particular note was Stuart Walker's Doctor who was enthusiastically performing experiments on Woyzeck with animation and a caricature feel that clearly demonstrated Berkovian influence"


2014 The Stage on WOYZECK, UK Tour (co-directed by Stuart Walker):

"a highly refined form of jerky, balletic, fast, evocative physical theatre... a fine piece of rapid fire theatre which shocks as much as it entertains"


2012 The Stage on METAMORPHOSIS, UK Tour:

"Talented Stuart Walker as Gregor is lithe and sinister as well as anguished and crazed"


2012 Ink Pellet on METAMORPHOSIS, UK Tour:

"Seeing Walker portraying a man becoming a giant insect wearing just chinos and top was really quite nausea-inducing - a testament to his skill as an actor!"


 2012 The Stage Blogs 'Watching Graduates Blossom' on METAMORPHOSIS, UK Tour:

"Walker gave an outstanding performance as Gregor... he's clearly on his way"


2012 The Stage on VAMPIRATES, UK Tour:

"a masterclass in presenting a lot of action in a little space... impressive storytellers"


2011 The Stage on EAST 15 BA ACTING SHOWCASE:

"Deliciously understated acting from Stuart Walker... Walker's severe and verbose aggravation bounces well off Iven's calming influence but it's not all full-throttle straight away, allowing a build in both drama and comedy"

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